YEAR†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† EVENT

†† 30†††† John the Beloved, baptized by John the Baptist, becomes an apostle in the church organized by Jesus Christ at Jerusalem in Israel.


†† 95†††† Polycarp is baptized by John the Beloved from the Jerusalem Church.


150†††† The Partus Church in Italy is organized by Polycarp from the Jerusalem Church.


237†††† The Turan Church in Italy is organized by Tertullian from the Partus Church.


348†† The Pontifossi Church in France is organized by Tellestman from the Turan Church.


671†† The Darthea Church in Asia Minor is organized by Adromicus from the Pontifossi Church.


738 ††† The Timto Church in Asia Minor is organized by Archer Flavin from the Darthea Church.


812 ††† The Lima Piedmont Church in Italy is organized by Balcaleo from the Timto Church.


987 ††† The Hill Cliff Church in Wales is organized by Aaron Arlington from the Lima Piedmont Church.


1014 †† Intense persecution, first initiated by King Henry II of England, destroys most records of this period.


1663The earliest record of Olchon Church in Wales, a direct descendant of the Hill Cliff Church.


1668 †† The Rhydwilim Church in Wales is organized by William Jones from the Olchon Church.


1701††† The Welsh Tract Church in Pennsylvania is organized by Thomas Griffiths from the Rhydwilim Church.


1736The Welsh Neck Church in South Carolina is organized by the Welsh Tract Church.


1795 †† The Old Union Church in Kentucky is organized by Alexander Divin from the Welsh Neck Church.


1802††† The Brush Creek Church is organized by John Hightower from the Old Union Church.


1803††† The Round Lick Church is organized by Central Bethel from the Brush Creek Church.


1822††† Round Lick Church, along with 26 other churches, helps organize Salem Association.


1849††† Bartonís Creek Church is organized by Elijah Maddox from the Salem Association.


May 14, 1950


is organized by members from Bartonís Creek Church.