YEAR                                                             EVENT

   30     John the Beloved, baptized by John the Baptist, becomes an apostle in the church organized by Jesus Christ at Jerusalem in Israel.

   95     Polycarp is baptized by John the Beloved from the Jerusalem church.

 150     The Partus church in Italy is organized by Polycarp from the Jerusalem Church.

 237     The Turan church in Italy is organized by Tertullian from the Partus church.

 348     The Pontifossi church in France is organized by Tellestman from the Turan church.

 671     The Darthea church in Asia Minor is organized by Adromicus from the Pontifossi church.

 738     The Timto church in Asia Minor is organized by Archer Flavin from the Darthea church.

 812     The Lima Piedmont church in Italy is organized by Balcaleo from the Timto church.

 987     The Hill Cliff church in Wales is organized by Aaron Arlington from the Lima Piedmont church.

1014    Intense persecution, first initiated by King Henry II of England, destroys most records of this period.

1663    The earliest record of Olchon church in Wales, a direct descendant of the Hill Cliff church.

1668    The Rhydwilim church in Wales is organized by William Jones from the Olchon church.

1701    The Welsh Tract church in Pennsylvania is organized by Thomas Griffiths from the Rhydwilim church.

1707    The Philadelphia Association is organized by the Welsh Tract, Lower Dublin, Cohansey, Piscataway, and Middletown churches.

1765    The Kehukee Association is organized by the Philadelphia Association.

1796    New Bethel church becomes a member of the Mero District Association, organized by the Kehukee Association.

1948    McFerrin church is organized by James H. Smith from the New Bethel church.

1956    Faith church is organized by Robert Gregory from the McFerrin church.

1961        Harmony church is organized by C. B. Massey from the Faith church.

1973    Old Paths Church is organized by William House from the Harmony church.


October 23, 2005

Lighthouse Old Fashion Baptist Church

is organized by Tom Hunter from the Old Paths Church